Smokin Brothers Grill

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Award Winning Rubs and Sauces

Sauces and Rubs

Smokin Brothers sauces and rubs

Award winning sauces and rubs for $6.99.  Perfect for the holiday gatherings that is sure to impress!

Drip Eze grease pan liners

Drip Eze drip tray liners.  So convenient they are sure to please the chef! 
3 for $12.99.

Take a package of three and place on the grease drain tray and when the top one gets old, take it up and the next liner is already in place.

Drip Eze Grease Bucket Liners

Grease Bucket liners.  Use these for leftover meat and when empty put into the grease bucket.

So neat! Place these liners in the grease bucket and simply lift out and dispose. Package of 3 for $6.99

Drip Eze Spice Rack

Drip Eze Spice Rack is as handy as another shirt pocket!

The Drip Eze Spice Rack is the perfect gift for $39.99